Cloud Solutions’ Salesforce Training Center Becomes Part Of Our Forte


Having opened our gates to accommodate different businesses into our fold, we are happy to announce the acquisition of one more jewel in our crown by the way of Cloud Solutions. Business Labs as part of its latest acquisition has acquired Cloud Solutions a Salesforce Training Center in Chennai. Cloud Solutions is involved in training different cadres of sales teams offering a helping hand in making the sales environment better for such individuals.

Salesforce Programs & Certifications Offered
Courses are offered for a range of cadres from basic level cadres to senior managers. With on-the-job training being offered, programs from Cloud Solutions offers growth and better career prospects to candidates. The programs offered include;
Basic Developer Certification
Basic Administrator Certification
Basic Sales Cloud Consultant Certification
Advanced Developer Certification
Advanced Administrator Certification
Service Cloud Consultant Certification

With specialized instructors who are there to make people’s sales dreams come true, Cloud Solutions combines best practices with practical information that enables them to connect easily with their candidates, making this Salesforce Training Center one of a kind in the region.

We take pride in being able to associate ourselves with a center that is keen on improvising and developing people in their field of expertise. The ultimate aim of the center is to enhance the entire business experience for both sales personnel and the customers that they interact.

There is not much detailing required when it comes to Salesforce as most people in the field are aware of its effectiveness in maximizing sales revenues, reducing costs improving customer service and productivity and invariably attaining exemplary business outcomes.

Salesforce is not restricted only to the sales personnel of a company; it can be used for marketing minds as well. Salesforce helps in combining technology with the traditional corporate world, which can be an exciting prospect for Salesforce administrators. The basis is a CRM platform that can be customized to cater to the needs of the business. Hence, it becomes absolutely necessary for businesses to train its personnel in Salesforce which is by large the most sought after CRM in the world of sales and marketing.

Here, comes the need to become not just a learned Salesforce person but a certified one as well. Once you get the big picture right, the other pieces start to fall in place. It is pertinent that certain processes are automated and hence comes the need to excel in it in order to ensure survival in tough competition.

As Salesforce has become the game changer today, it becomes pertinent to excel in it to be able to have an edge over the others. Cloud Solutions has taken the initiative to open out its wings to people who require training to become certified Salesforce individuals. Individuals with interest in Cloud Computing can equip themselves with a Salesforce certification that can give the kick-start required for a successful career in Marketing and Sales.

With lots of positives to give and experience to boast, Business Labs takes privilege in embracing Cloud Solutions.

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