You have big ideas for your business. You’re ready to make them come true, but you’re terrified financing just won’t be available. After all, there’s no way you qualify for unsecured small business loans and you’ve heard horror stories about bad credit business loans.

Don’t sweat it too much. You can achieve your goals by getting a cash advance for small business.

Think this type of funding won’t be enough to help your plans get off the ground? Think again!

When you have the right documentation to back up your request, a business cash advance can fund a whole lot more than you might think. This type of funding is not a loan. Inasmuch, it isn’t as difficult to obtain. Plus, if you have the right proof of business income in place, you can secure advances that climb into the six-figure range to fuel your dreams.

Sound good? It gets better!
Small business cash advance funding is different from the application process right through to final repayment. This type of funding will require that you have an adequate amount of monthly credit card receipts. This will help a cash advance company be certain it will get its money back. Beyond this, the company will likely want some proof of how long you’ve been in business. If these two things fall into place, you could receive your funding in days – not months.

Repayment on a cash advance for small business is also handled a little differently than a loan. Rather than have to make monthly payments, your advance can be whittled down on a daily basis. Reputable companies will take a small percentage off the top of your daily credit card receipts. This means if you improvements pay off in a big way, your repayment process can happen very quickly and painlessly. If your plans don’t quite pan out as fast as you’d like, repayment might take a little longer, but it will still remain painless.

When funding stands in the way of your business plans, fight back. A cash advance for small business can provide you the fuel you need to make your dreams come true.

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