Every business consultant comes up with their own consulting methodology to make it in today’s competitive work environment. In most cases, the consultant works hard to come up with their own methods, processes, as well as templates for the work that is produced during a consultation project. As time goes by, these business consultants learn from their previous experiences and get to fine tune their methodologies that are more in sync with the client’s requirements.

A methodology can be described as a structure, frame or a set of particular tasks that need to be completed in a particular order. Several different business improvement methodologies are already in common use across the business world. Apart from these improvement methodologies, you will also come across bodies of knowledge like the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK, Business Analysis Body of Knowledge or BABOK and so on.

During an actual consulting process the client and the consultant will engage in different activities that will help achieve a particular solution or result. These activities are referred to as the consulting process. This process starts as soon as the client signs the contract and the consultant initiate their work and different activities related to it. The process is deemed to be over once the client is sent a consulting report as well as an implementation plan. Most business consultants divide the entire consulting process into different phases. This phase more or less includes the initial discussions with the client as well as the initial diagnosis of the issue at hand. A proposal is submitted to the client during this phase, and the contract is signed f the client is in complete agreement.

The client is sent a proposal during the course of the business consulting. This more or less includes information pertaining to

  •    Client’s details like name, address, contact info, etc.
  •    The reasons why the company requires the need for a consultant at this point.
  •    A brief explanation of the problem faced by the client, and how the consultation will help them find a solution.
  •    It also includes information on the type of assistance offered by the consultant.
  •    Many proposals also include a section on what kind of success the business consultant can bring the organization with the help of the final reports as well as an implementation plan.

While writing out a proposal for a client, it is essential to make it creative and succinct. Since this is the way business consultants land clients, experts advice making a high quality document that is hard to refute. Many consultants make the mistake of creating a large document that goes too much into detail. According to the leading experts in the consulting industry, it is always in your best interest to keep your proposal brief and to the point. It is also a good idea to include a couple of ideas within your proposal to give the client an idea of the what your plans are and how you are planning on helping them in successfully solving the issues they are facing. Another important factor to consider while writing out a proposal is making sure that all the information included in the proposal is accurate.  The clients will not be impressed if you make spelling, grammatical or any other sort of mistakes in the proposal.

Since, each client, has unique requirements, it is essential that your write out a new proposal for each client. You can use similar templates; however, make sure that you address their concerns with attention to details. Clients are often hesitant to hire a consultant as they are not sure about the services offered or how to find a trustworthy consultant. This is why the proposal needs to be able to impress the client into hiring you for your consulting services.

Once you have developed the perfect proposal, it is time to present it to your clients in the best possible way. Experts advise using presentation binders, high quality paper and folders to impress your potential clients. In case you are submitting a digital copy of the proposal, do not forget to include your company information as well as the title of the proposal. After all, they need to know the name of the business consultant who managed to create such an impressive proposal.

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