Navigation:Main pagePrint this pageSubmit articleComment article Author: Alan Quan Article source: Used with author’s permission. How many times have you tried giving instructions over a cellular phone with bad reception? I bet that experience was pretty bad, and when you read this article, you will learn that there are several different channels that you will need to communicate through to get your message across. Have you ever felt frustrated that the person you are speaking to did the complete opposite of what you told them to do? But it’s neither your fault or the other person’s fault because they probably heard your instructions incorrectly, causing him/her to do something completely different from what you intended. That’s why one of the most important factors in the success of your coaching/ consulting business is the way that you communicate with people, particularly your proteges. For example, they may be working for your company or for another company, or they may even be working remotely or from home. Not only do you need to find a convenient way to communicate with your protege, but your success will also hinge on how often you communicate.

I’m going to go over the four most basic things about accessibility that you must take into consideration when communicating with your protege. You may find that due to factors such as the location of your protege, both yours and his or her work schedules and family situations, your communication accessibility may require flexibility on both your part and your protege’s. Below we will address each of these situations.

Effective Tip #1 – How to solve the Location problem. If your protege is situated in a remote location like in the mountains of the Himalayas or if you and your protege are separated by thousands of miles, it is very likely that you may not be able to meet regularly. And if it is required that you meet, then it’s much more realistic to meeting occasionally. If this is the case, you will need to set up a system of communication that’s most convenient for both of you. This can be achieved by communicating through email or setting up an online private forum or bulletin board so that you can both post ideas regularly.

And obviously, you and your protege may also want to communicate by telephone and fax. If you are both working in the same company, the best place to meet will be in your office, a conference room or even meet over lunch. If your protege works nearby, but is not a part of your company, you may be able to invite him or her to your office or a public place, such as the local library, or meet for lunch or dinner at a favorite restaurant.

Effective Tip #2 – How to solve the Job Schedules And Duties problem. You may encounter times when you and your protege must work around job schedules and duties relating to work. This happens a lot when hiring college interns with mid-terms and final examinations coming up. To solve this issue you will both have to work out a solution to, especially if either of you are working in jobs that require on-call duties, overtime work or unusual start or finishing times at work. If you or your protege are in this situation, you will both need to discuss how you will handle a situation like being called out for work duties and how the missed time can be made up.

Effective Tip #3 – How to solve the Family Situations problem. In a family setting, it is easily understandable that a mentor or protege may not have as much time to spare as a single person may. Especially during certain religious or traditional holidays that you may not be aware of. If this is a situation that applies to you or your protege, careful balancing needs to be organized in order not to put strain on other areas of your or your protege’s life. Finding time with work, and family obligations will be tricky at times, although it is possible if you do some careful planning and communication ahead of time. Effective Tip # – How to solve the External Obligations problem. Some people, such as executives, have duties or responsibilities that take up their work hours. These types of things often include seminars, company events and meetings.

It is important to discuss these obligations and consider them when working out meeting times. With careful communication and organization, it is possible to arrange times that will be both suitable and convenient for you and your protege. But, to do this, you will need to communicate effectively with each other and find a solution that will work for both of you. If you think your coaching/consulting business may suffer from any accessibility problems, solve it by using some of the tips you have just read. Alan Quan used to be a miserable employee in hopes of climbing the corporate ladder. He quickly wised up to that BS and fired his boss. Today he is an Internet Coaching Empire coach specializing in helping people build their own successful internet business.

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