Nowadays, customers stay ahead of the sales efforts. They do not even get help from the sales professionals to purchase a product or service. The sales executives face several major challenges. The customer uses information on the internet, and it gives them more power to purchase a product. The buyers research online before taking a decision. They will start to research before approaching a vendor.

If the company has a website or signed up in a social networking site, it remains as a showroom for customers. The websites of customary business to business (B2B) companies contain product descriptions and features in a clear manner. The description will not be clear enough – how it helps to solve the customer’s problem. It will be composed with a little idea from the prospective customer’s point of view.

The portfolio of services and products for several large business to business firms has developed to the point where the frontline salesDigital-marketing representative could not sell or credibly understand the product. In simple words, sales model and traditional marketing have lost its importance. Digital description is gaining importance across the business to business markets. We can expect the following changes in the business.

Sales and marketing departments operating individually will fall behind. We will be watching marketing and sales organizations directed by a single commercial officer.

The generalist role will lose its importance and companies will start to emphasize on people who have greater domain expertise. They will easily be a reason for higher productivity.

The business marketers will function equal to consumer marketers.

High personalized segments replace traditional customer segmentation through advanced data analytics.

To execute the changes in buying behavior, sellers and marketers must vitally reorient upstream. It is a waste of time for them to depend on traditional lead generation or sales collateral methods. If they follow the same, they have chances to watch low ROI (return on investment).



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