For a long been, people have considered the location-based marketing as an ability to offer real-time and personalized data delivered to the smartphone of customers. According to a recent study conducted by Business Insider, it was found that the Beacons, a new technology was developed to ensure all the above-mentioned capabilities.
business-investingThe report has also explored that Beacons are the most significant technology in the retail business as it can be supported by both credit card and mobile readers. Beacons are inexpensive hardware used to send the Bluetooth signals in order to stimulate the location-based applications in the smartphones. Beacons can support the smartphone applications like customer service notifications, personalized marketing messages, and special upgrade offers.
The key reason for what people are showing keen interest on utilizing beacons is that the use of Bluetooth, which is supported by the increasing count of smartphones.
Beacons are friendly to use with all iphones and 1/3rd of active smartphones. The study has also estimated that the 570 million Apple and Android smartphones are well-matched with BLE, Bluetooth Low Energy, the signal produced by Beacons to trigger the smartphone applications. The proportion of BLE phones is high in the market places, where the use of Apple devices is more common. All iphones operating iOS7 are companionable with Bluetooth Low Energy.
So, it is sure that the mass deployment of Beacons can alter the retail in the future. Small retailers must begin to use this technology in order to understand how they could adopt it for their businesses.

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